“The Difference an
Expert Makes!”

“The Difference an Expert Makes!”


Are all group disability plans the same? The answer in an obvious no. Having the right plan will protect your income, your family, and your business. You will be surprised with how inexpensive they are. Within 18 minutes, your income, family and estate can be protected.

Group Disability

Most people are surprised when they have a heart attack. If you have the wrong health plan, get ready for a second one when you get the bill. Let’s not have a third heart attack without the wrong plan in place. Contact us for 32 minutes of insurance fun. We will bring the treats.

Group Medical

When life strikes, you never know how much its going to cost. Plan is the best spot to be to protect yourself and your employees. There is a wide variety of plan designs to perfectly fit your needs for your business. 20 minutes could save you more than not having to pay for your annual check up.

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