“The Difference an
Expert Makes!”

“The Difference an Expert Makes!”

Are You Covered?
Medicare, Group Disability, & Group Medical.

When the world comes crashing at your door, it is important to have the right policies in place to prevent it from unnecessary burden on you or your family members.


Are you confused yet? Whether you are just aging in or have been on Medicare for a while, we want to make sure you have the best plan available. Average savings per individual is around $2,000 a year.

Group Disability

How long could your family last financially if you lost your ability to earn income due to an accident or sickness? Protect your income now to protect everything else later.

Group Medical

Are you or one of your employees planning to go to the hospital today? The wrong group health plan could cause employee trips to the hospital, and/or doctor, to be unnecessarily expensive. Our priority is to ensure optimal coverage for you and your employees.

Our Clients Testimonies

“I didn’t think that it would be that great of a deal, until one of my employees got in an accident and had to go out on disability. With our disability plan in place, i was able to let him go to hire someone new. I was able to do so, knowing that he would still be able to receive the income needed to take care of himself and his family with his great misfortune.”

“All i wanted was the cheapest plan possible. I have been as healthy as a horse my whole life. Then, a couple months later, I was diagnosed with cancer. I was amazed at how little i had to pay thanks to the plan Ballard Insurance Group put me in. It saved me thousands.”

“One of the biggest issues I had with my company was employee turnover. Once I talked to Ballard Insurance Group, I was able to attract and retain my key employees, not losing them to other companies with a better health care package. Have the plan that everyone wants. It provides the protection i need as a boss and my employees and their families from unforeseen medical bills.”

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