Welcome to Ballard Insurance Group LLC!

Safeguarding our neighbors of Rexburg.

We place a high priority upon the success of your employee benefit program. You will find our business customers working in all sectors of the economy. Our individual policy holders find concerned, dedicated guidance for their health, life, and disability insurance needs. We help our clients throughout all phases of their lives.

In the state of Idaho, we are among the elite insurance brokerages that enjoy amazing relationships with the available insurance carriers. What does this mean for you? It means that when and if there is an issue, we can be by your side all the way to the resolution. This is very unique and important for any brokerage.

Our staff at the Ballard Insurance Group, LLC, is superior to all other insurance agencies. They are competent, informed, able, and willing to provide all of our clients with a level of care that makes you walk away saying, "This truly is the best place to have our insurance."

So welcome. To our current clients, we say thank you. To our new clients, we also say thank you. We are here, and we will always be here, to help you through the changing landscape of your insurance needs.

Although our primary area of service is located in Rexburg, Idaho, we offer unparalleled service and competitive quotes to clients throughout the entire State of Idaho!
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