• Individual Health Insurance

Individual insurance is purchased by families and individuals that do not have access to employer sponsored plans, or their employer plans are too expensive. The different plans and coverages are confusing at best. Give us a call at 208-356-7500 for help with the most recent coverages available.

• Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

Employers with two or more employees can have a group plan. There are thousands of options for an employer-sponsored health plan. After we go through the process of creating and implementing a plan that fits your needs, then we service it in a manner that is second to none. We even have special programs for: Start up companies, Large companies, and everything in between. We make things simple and easy to understand. Call us for an appointment. (208-356-7500)

• Senior Health Products

Plan A. Part A. Plan F. Part D. Part C. This is confusing … Period. For those over 65 years old and those just aging into 65, or if you are ready to retire, PLEASE come meet with us two months before the date of your life change. There is a little planning required to get the best value possible. You can count on us to take a complicated subject and make it easy to understand. Call us for an appointment. (208-356-7500)

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