Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

• Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

Employers with two or more employees can have a group plan. There are thousands of options for an employer-sponsored health plan. After we go through the process of creating and implementing a plan that fits your needs, then we service it in a manner that is second to none. We even have special programs for: Start up companies, Large companies, and everything in between. We make things simple and easy to understand. Call us for an appointment. (208-356-7500)

• Group Life Insurance

Employers can offer life insurance for their employees. It is simple. It is easy to understand. It is inexpensive. Many Americans only have this type of life insurance. We have been surprised how often we have claims. No one wants to lose a spouse or child to death, but when it happens, it’s a good feeling to know that the immediate and necessary expenses are covered.

• Group Disability Insurance

Disabilities can happen for all kinds of reasons. When you can't work, or your employees can't work, income usually dries up in a hurry. Without disability insurance, savings and your personal estate dry up in a hurry also.

Disability insurance policies come with all kinds of complicated language and provisions and limitations. We specialize on making things easy to understand so you can make a good choice on covering your income. Hopefully, you never live through a disability claim, but if you do, we want to help you be covered by insurance the way that makes sense.

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